Half Day 3k and 4k Program

At St. Peter’s Lutheran School we offer our traditional preschool program for 3K and 4K preschool students.

On Tuesday and Thursday the 3K preschool program is going strong with Jesus time, gym time, and working on socialization skills. The students learn the order of a structured school setting and learn through various planned activities and free play as well.

On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays our 4K preschool students are working on pre-kindergarten skills such as cutting, recognition of letters and numbers, math skills, science fun, fine motor development, letter writing, and of course large motor play.

In both our St. Peter’s Preschool and our on-site 3 and 4 year old preschool rooms, the children get to learn songs to sing in church for the first time. It is wonderful to give them the opportunity to learn how to share God’s love with others.

This part of our preschool is located at St. Peter’s Lutheran School located at 1600 S. Main St. in Fond du Lac. Please call us at 921-8500 for more information.

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