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Who would you recommend for the Grunewald’s?

If you like your doctor (for adults), pediatrician, auto mechanic, orthodontist, or dentist, if you think yours does a good job, is priced right, treats you well, then your recommendation is welcome. Please let Pastor Grunewal or Beckie know the name and information of your favorite, if you would like to share. In addition, they are looking for recommendations on a good vet, as well as pet grooming.

Upcoming Bible Study

On January 26th, Justin and Katy Goede will be presenting The Call to Follow Jesus and its Impact on the Family. Plan on joining us in the fellowship hall at 9:15 a.m. for this special presentation.

February Bible Study

Pastor David Haag will be teaching “Applying the book of Job to life with cancer.” It will be a look at what God says in his Word to those who have cancer and those who have loved ones with cancer. Join us in the fellowship hall at 9:15 a.m. all the Sundays in February for this study.

Lent by Candlelight-The Women of Lent

Join us for an afternoon of music, meditation, and fellowship as we consider our Savior’s great love for us through the eyes of The Women of Lent on Sunday, March 1st at 2:00 p.m. Postcards are available to invite family and friends. Please sign on the sheet in the narthex if you would like to come and if there will be any guests joining you. We will have light snacks and refreshments and if you are willing to bring something please indicate on the other sign up sheet. If you have any questions or wish to be a part of the program please contact Naomi Ruh at 920-539-1358 or

Game Night

Good Shepherd will be hosting its annual game night on Friday, February 21st at 6:00 p.m. Please sign on the sheets in the narthex to bring a dish to pass and, if you’d like, a game to share. Childcare will be provided.

Thank You

Sue Rebers received this email from Pastor Henrich of Shepherd of the Hills in Knoxville, TN and wanted to share it with the congregation. We sent $180 to their congregation: $100 from the Ladies of Good Shepherd and another $80 from members of the congregation. To God be the Glory!!!!

Dear Members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,

Wow, thank you so much! Your gift is greatly appreciated. We are about to start another round of Bible Information Classes, so this is perfect timing. We can now distribute catechisms without putting a financial burden on the church or on our perspective members. I’m excited to be able to use the catechism as a resource as I share the gospel with these people! This is another reminder of the great blessing we have in our partnership in the gospel with your church and so many like it. We thank God for you. Take Care!

-Pastor Scott Henrich

Every Member Visits with Pastor Grunewald

Pastor Grunewald is anxious to meet the members of Good Shepherd. Please sign up on the sheets in the narthex for a visit when it is convenient for you.

  • If you are retired, please try to choose a daytime hour, saving the work hours for those who are at work during the day.
  • Choosing a time slot means Pastor Grunewald will show up at the start of that hour. The length of the visit depends on how much you’d like to talk, and when Pastor might need to leave to travel to another scheduled visit or other scheduled event.
  • If Pastor Grunewald’s schedule changes so that he cannot keep your visit time, he’ll let you know as soon as possible. If your schedule changes after you have signed up, please let Pastor Grunewald know as soon as possible, and please sign up for another time.

Meditations & Forward in Christ

We are encouraging our members to once again sign up to receive a copy of the Forward in Christ and Meditations. Both are available for the low cost of $10 each per year. If you are interested, please fill out one of the forms found in your boxes or on the counter and place them in the subscription box located under the windows. Both of these items will then be delivered to your church mailbox.

Wisconsin Herd “WELS Night”

The Wisconsin Herd is hosting their “WELS Night” on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. against the Delaware Blue Coats at the Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh. They will be recognizing WELS members either before or during the game. Tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate ($15-100 Level Baseline or $8-200 Level Bleacher) when you use this link:

Men of His Word Conference

2020 Registration is now open for the 11th Annual Men of His Word Conference. February 8th, 2020 at the Best Western Waterfront Convention Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Dynamic Keynote presentation. Music by Koine. 17 Challenging breakout session opportunities.

Register here:

Space is limited. Don’t miss out!

When to Call a Pastor

Sometimes people aren’t sure whether or not they should call a pastor in a given situation. You might not think it’s important enough or you might not want to bother him or take time from his busy schedule. When should you call?

Please remember that a pastor is called to be a shepherd of souls. He leads and feeds the flock with God’s Word and Sacrament. But to do his work effectively, he needs to know what’s happening in the lives of his people. The following is a list of times when your pastors would appreciate hearing from you:

Call the Pastor:

  • if you’re going to be hospitalized
  • if you’re planning to move, or just changing your phone number
  • if you’re experiencing problems in your marriage and need the counsel of God’s Word
  • if you’re struggling with some aspect of the Christian faith or life
  • if you’re planning to be married
  • if illness or personal problems are preventing you from attending worship services
  • if a particular sin is troubling your conscience and you’d like to confess it to the pastor and be assured of God’s forgiveness
  • if a problem at church is keeping you from worshiping your Savior joyfully and regularly
  • if you are expecting a baby or would like to talk about the baptism of your baby
  • if you know a prospect for New Life Class, the class in which the pastor teaches people the basics of the Christian faith

This is only a partial list, but please be assured that the pastor stands ready to assist you with your spiritual needs. Pastor Zimpelmann is available at (414) 702-6717.

JLL Teachers Needed

Jesus’ Little Lambs is currently looking to add two full time individuals to their teaching staff. The hours would be full-time (35-40 hours per week) between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. depending on enrollment. Applicants should possess strong communication skills, a love of children, and a desire to share God’s Word with the children and families that attend Jesus’ Little Lambs. Early childhood experience is a plus, but not necessary. Qualified persons should be an active member in a WELS congregation. If you are interested or have questions, contact Kendra Norris, JLL Director, (920) 921-8500 or