Pastor Matt Grunewald


Pastor Matt Grunewald was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1971 to Kurt and Sara Grunewald, but he wasn’t a pastor back then, so they just called him “Matt.” Or “Matthew Clarence” when he was in trouble.

Being the son of a pastor, Matt’s earliest memories are of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where his dad served a mission congregation. Then his family moved to the Mt Calvary, Wisconsin postal code where his dad served St Paul’s, Town of Forest. During that time Matt attended St Paul’s Lutheran school, and went on to attend Winnebago Lutheran Academy in Fond du Lac. He graduated class of 1990.

Matt graduated Northwestern College in Watertown, Wisconsin in 1994, and graduated Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1998. The first congregation Pastor Grunewald served was Mt Olive in Detroit, Michigan. While in Michigan, Matt met Beckie, a life-long resident of Lansing, MI until she married Matt. Matt and Beckie have four children, all boys.

Matt highly values raising his family, mindful that there is joy to be found in every stage and every age of family life. He holds his wife’s hand in thrift shops, to impede her purchasing more owl knick knacks. Matt likes to watch movies in the action and comedy genres—especially with super-heroes or giant robots—and Beckie usually will watch with him.

Pastor Grunewald loves to share answers to all of life’s questions. In the word of God, all the most important questions are answered, and God provides guidance and principles to follow in every situation. Most of all, the word of God points us to Jesus Christ, the source of forgiveness and life and every comfort and confidence the Christian enjoys. The better you know your Bible, the greater your understanding of the world you live in, and the more certain and joyful your anticipation of the world you will live in.

Feel free to contact Pastor Grunewald at or his office phone at 920-921-8500.